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Kildress Plumbing Suppliers are tile design consultants, directly importing our premier products from Italian & Spanish tile manufacturers to give you the best choice at the best price. Here at Kildress, we know how important it is to have the right tiled finish for the perfect home, so we provide a unique and exclusive range of tiles for you to choose from, be it for bathroom, kitchen, sun lounge or hallway.The Kildress range incorporates luxurious wall and floor tiles from renowned factories such as Original Style, Tau Ceramica, Cerdomus, Unicom Starker, Arcana, Impronta, Bisazza, Pisani, and many more, all in a huge variety of colours, sizes and finishes to suit your individual needs.

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Nature Grey Get Information

Nature Grey

Aquarelle Get Information


Arles Get Information


Original Style Odyssey Get Information

Original Style Odyssey

Original Style Autumn Colours Get Information

Original Style Autumn Colours

Original Style Castel Grey Marble Herringbone Get Information

Original Style Castel Grey Marble Herringbone

Overall Cashmere Get Information

Overall Cashmere

Bourban Beige Wood Effect Get Information

Bourban Beige Wood Effect

Cleveland Wood Effect Get Information

Cleveland Wood Effect

White Metro Get Information

White Metro

Vintage Rustic Print Get Information

Vintage Rustic Print

Blue Mist Metro Get Information

Blue Mist Metro

Cottage Patchwork Get Information

Cottage Patchwork

Codicer Mosaico Get Information

Codicer Mosaico

House Crema Get Information

House Crema

Codicer Vintage Mix Get Information

Codicer Vintage Mix

Vintage Nero Get Information

Vintage Nero

Original Style Earthworks Marble Get Information

Original Style Earthworks Marble

Original Style Artwork Monochrome Get Information

Original Style Artwork Monochrome

Nature Bone Get Information

Nature Bone

Treverkcharme Wood Effect Get Information

Treverkcharme Wood Effect

Original Style Honfleur Gold Get Information

Original Style Honfleur Gold

Cento Get Information


Original Style Vintage Mirror Get Information

Original Style Vintage Mirror

Aparici Carpet Get Information

Aparici Carpet

Vintage Rustic Print Get Information

Vintage Rustic Print

Cecelia Wall Get Information

Cecelia Wall

Tapis Patchwork Get Information

Tapis Patchwork

Aparici Aged Get Information

Aparici Aged

Memory Cotto Get Information

Memory Cotto

Vintage Retocado Get Information

Vintage Retocado

Aparici Carpet Sand Get Information

Aparici Carpet Sand

Dream Get Information


Original Style Montblanc Get Information

Original Style Montblanc

Fresh Beige Get Information

Fresh Beige

Fresh Gris Get Information

Fresh Gris

Nature Bone Get Information

Nature Bone

Aparici Alessia Get Information

Aparici Alessia

Evoque Blanco Get Information

Evoque Blanco

Treverkcharme Wood Effect Get Information

Treverkcharme Wood Effect

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